Applied Indian Music Therapy Certificate Course

Course Duration: 12 weeks; 1 day per week; 2.5 hours a day (Total : 30 hours)

Certificate: Certificate will be offered by Auro University, Surat on completion of the course, which will be conducted by Factorize

Credits: 2 Credits


** BATCH 1: Tuesdays (10:00am – 12:30pm IST)
** Mar 21 2023 – Jun 13 2023
** BATCH 2:
Sundays (** 5:30pm – 8:00pm IST)
** Mar 26 2023 – Jun 18 2023
** Fees:
INR 15,000

About the Course

Music Therapy is one of the emerging fields in India today. This is the time to learn the therapeutic influence of our scientific music system blended with techniques, modern science and implementable knowledge. Applied Indian Music Therapy Certificate Course aims at offering applicable knowledge of therapeutic aspects of Traditional Indian Music that is helpful for harmonizing the overall health and improving symptoms and conditions associated with diverse challenges associated with (and not limited to) children having special needs, adults, elderly, professionals and others.

The Course is for

** One having deep interest in understanding Indian music therapy
** One who wishes to take India’s rich tradition forward through applicable modalities
** One who has compassion for another person
** Who can commit to a cause and be ‘patient’ with people
** All students, musicians, professionals, health practitioners, psychologists and others

Broad Curriculum

** Music Therapy fundamentals and Applications
** Why and how music therapy works
** Prework and initial evaluation
** Indian music therapy – sources & essentials
** Common diseases and disorders
** Indian music therapy elements, tools, techniques
** Understanding Raag for use in therapy
** Music therapy types and modes
** Designing and administering music therapy
** Recording observations
** Comparative analysis and more
** Assignments and practice sessions


** Online instructor-led live sessions
** Reading suggested study materials
** Completion of assignments
** Doing practice sessions


Based on
** two assignments
** one set of Quiz
** practice sessions

Suggested Reading

** Music Therapy with Indian Music (Essentials & Sources) – Volume 1 by Ruma Chakravarty
** Health and Harmony: A Beginners Guide to Indian Music and Holistic Health by Dr. Meenakshi Ravi
** Neuro-Psycho-Social Rehabilitation for Elderly Patients: Multimodal Approach with Indian Music (Feasibility Study)
** Impact of Carnatic Music Therapy Intervention on a Patient with Schizophrenia – a Case Report
** Effect of Music Therapy on Oxygen Saturation Level: A Literature Review
** Other suggested papers


Ruma Chakravarty

Ruma Chakravarty holds a Master’s Degree in Biophysics and a trained musician from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth, Lucknow. She is a passionate Indian Music Therapist practicing for over 16 years. She is conducting her research in the field of multidisciplinary studies of Indian Music Therapy and authored “Music Therapy With Indian Music (Essentials & Sources) – Volume 1”. Before setting up Factorize in 2017, she has worked in Research and Analytics, Coaching and Training domains for over 23 years in corporate sector and as an independent consultant. Ruma is also an internationally certified practicing Leadership Executive Coach (trained by John Mattone, one of the top most globally recognized leadership coaches).

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