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Indian Music Therapy Studies & Research Centre (IMTSRC)

At some point in our lives we all experience that “Music and Rhythm influence our Mind, Body, Psyche and Consciousness”. And that is so much needed in today’s world of stressed and pressed life. Music & Rhythm have been accepted by physicians, clinicians and other medical practitioners worldwide as one of the best non-invasive therapies for everybody. Indian Music Therapy is witnessing an exciting phase. Many significant works are being done by Indian Music Therapists. These include conducting awareness programs, workshops, training, research, documentation and publishing. Now, it is important to get support from the Government, Organizations, Institutes, Medical Professionals and Music Therapists so that the profession of Indian Music Therapy is recognized in India.

Factorize is engaged in Indian Music education, offerings, training and research through Indian Music Therapy Studies & Research Centre (IMTSRC). We work with Healthcare Centers, Elderly Homes, Children Homes, Destitute Homes, NGOs, Universities, Individuals and Corporate houses. We offer Indian Music Therapy to children having special needs, elderly patients, post-stroke, post-surgery patients, students, professionals and others. Further, we are engaged in documenting and publishing book and papers on music therapy. We offer applied Indian music therapy training programs. Our project “Propagate Indian Music Therapy” is focused towards formalizing Indian Music Therapy through university training programs and recognition. Towards this, we have recently signed an MoU with University of Ladakh (UoL), a Public University, wherein the UoL has included the “Applier Indian Music Therapy” Courses from Factorize in their University Curriculum. The credit-based courses will be offered as per the UGC and NEP guidelines. We welcome people and organizations to collaborate with us on our mission. Read more

Indian Music Therapy Offerings

Indian Music Therapy is part of India’s age old practices Nada Yoga, Nadopasana and Nadanusandhan. These practices were integral to everyday living of our ancestors. Music Therapy has proven beneficial in preventing disorders, in healing various critical symptoms and in rehabilitation of disorders and diseases. The conditions/ disorders include but are not limited to neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s Diseases autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, hyperactive disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Multiple Disabilities, Speech Issue, Non-Verbal Issue, Sensory & Cognitive Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Pain Management in Cancer, Pregnancy etc., Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and others. We employ multimodal approach for many cases as per the therapeutic requirement.

Targeted Music Therapy

We offer targeted Music Therapy to patients in two Modes:

* One to One
* Group

We design Music Therapy to the specific need of patient(s)/ clients. Music Therapy is very subjective and needs to be designed as per. E.g. Five people having headache may require five different Music Therapy per suitability of each.

Generic Music Therapy

Music works as medicine and it has the power to alter a state of mind as well as physiology instantly with right mix of melody, lyrics, rhythm and say timbre. We conduct Music Therapy sessions/ workshops or programs just for that. Music Therapy works for all and promotes our psychological and physiological health. We offer Music therapy program in two modes as well:

* One to one
* Group

Corporate Music Therapy

Research mentions that people who take up music or any other art form in their childhood are more likely to be better business people as the nuances they learn in music learning directly influence their business skills. Otherwise too, its not too late, it is a fact proven by neuroscience that the areas in brain that are responsible for high end thoughts processing are influenced by music for better synapses. Experience our Corporate Music Therapy Program.

Indian Music Therapy Training

Other than our “Applied Indian Music Therapy” course in collaboration with University of Ladakh, Factorize is offering tailored training programs through its Indian Music Therapy Studies & Research Centre (IMTSRC) for making future-ready Music Therapists with Indian Music.

Applied Indian Music Therapy Certification – 35 Hours

The beginners program on Applied Indian Music Therapy equips the candidate with the essential knowledge of Indian Music Therapy practices, its application areas the professional ethics and basics of designing and administering of Music Therapy.

* Total – 22 Hours (12 class hours + 6 assignment hours + 7 practical hours)

Applied Indian Music Therapy Certification (6 Months) – 115 Hours

Advanced program on Applied Indian Music Therapy extends the beginners’ program and in addition offers deeper details of Indian Music Therapy and other allied practices, subjects, mapping between Music Therapy and modern neuroscience findings etc.

* Total – 115 Hours (45 class hours + 20 assignment hours + 50 dissertation hours)

Research Methodologies & Analytics Certification (Basics) – 15 Hours

Every Music Therapist must understand the basics of research methodologies, data collection, difference between good and bad data so that she/ he can document, scale Music Therapy Session Observation properly. Our program focuses on that.

* Total – 15 Hours (7 class hours + 3 assignment hours + 5 project hours)

Project “Propagate Indian Music Therapy

Factorize with its music therapy unit SurManjari launched Project “Propagate Indian Music Therapy” primarily to promote the therapeutic influence of rich and structured Indian Music through research paper/ book production, training, research and awareness programs, which despite having strong base is not practiced in India to the extent it should be.

Project “Propagate Indian Music Therapy” was launched in August 2019. The first leg of the project has the following initial focus:

Step 1 – Develop music therapy research papers/ books based on traditional Indian music (diverse approaches)
Step 2 – Seek support(including financial support) for developing and promoting research papers/ books from some foundations/ organizations/ agencies (henceforth referred to as external agencies)
Step 3 – Seek support to help collaborate with Indian Universities for the books to be part of the University music therapy programs so as to train more music therapists with Indian music knowledge, therapeutic elements, techniques, methodologies and art
Step 4 – To help promote quality experimental work with Indian music therapy approaches [with hospitals and healthcare centers]

So Far:
1. A few books have been published including “Music Therapy with Indian Music (Essentials & Sources) – Volume 1” by Ruma Chakravarty.
2. Signed MoU with University of Ladakh (UoL) wherein UoL has included Applied Indian Music Therapy courses from Factorize to the UoL University Curriculum. .
3. Working with music therapists, doctors and neuroscientists and others to propagate Indian Music Therapy (with Indian Music).

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